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Amanda H. recommends GoGoVie: "What a fantastic carrier! I have been babywearing for 8 years with 3 kids and this is the first one that I have felt truly comfortable nursing my newborn in. So versatile, comfortable, and easy to use!"

“It is a very good product that allow nursing mothers the ability to multitask while breastfeeding. The material is very durable and machine friendly. I am fond of this product because of the weight capacity.”
                             -What To Expect Community Review

This is an AWESOME carrier too- I love that it fits plus size and smaller. My friend and I have tried this one and really liked it!                           -Ashanti H.

“Not only does the GoGoVie carrier give me and my baby great support, I LOVE the privacy blanket and matching chew me strap. Not often do I get to be stylish and have comfort at the same time.”          
                            -What To Expect Community Review

“It helps me carry and hold the baby. My hands are free. Also, when I breastfeed, the cover comes with it and I can still have my hands.”
                               -What To Expect Community Review

😍   -Shaylene H.

Seriously amazing!! The versatility is everything. I need this in my life!! 💚                   -Katie W.

Wow! That’s genius!!  -Brittany P.

GoGoVie is awesome! I breastfed while going on a nature walk (yes I was breastfeeding and walking at the same time - although I did stop walking to adjust my baby to the right position to feed).
Hooray for this baby carrier!!!                    -Christina K.

It was a thrill to meet the owner and creator of Gogovie, Angelique Warner. She created a carrier that provides hands-free nursing, along with carrying a child up to 35 pounds. I purchased one for my teaching library.                                                                                   

I was excited to check out this carrier from @mygogovie at @babywearingcon last week! And yes, you are seeing that right, this carrier makes it easy to do a laying cradle carry for feeding! It can also do a semi-reclined cradle carry for going about your day, as well as the facing in, facing out, hip, and back carry. In case I have not said it folks, I LOVE it when carrier companies are obviously thinking about the lives of the caregivers using baby carriers!                                                                      -@upliftbabywearing

It's such an amazing creation, everyone needs to see this!                 -@MokshaSoulMassage 

@mygogovie this carrier blends perfectly in my business meeting all the needs- assists in breastfeeding, Skin-to-Skin, and babywearing. 

 It was a treat to show off the newest carrier in my teaching library, the Gogovie

Angelique N. Warner followed her vision. I had the pleasure of meeting her in person, and trying on her baby carrier this weekend at the International Babywearing Conference 2018.                                                                                                                 -Austin R.

It's so amazing to have your hands free and still have that intimacy with your babe.                                           -Crystal W.

@gogovie is the cool new carrier Austin showed us.

                                                                                   -Jessie B.

Omg this is amazing!! I'm done having babies now but I would have loved to have one of these!! I used to always say I wished I had a carrier I could nurse my babies hands-free in!!                                                                          -Mindy M.

It works well with bigger kids too!                                                  -Austin R.

I wish this had been around when my kids were little!
                                                                                     -Jennifer S.

I’m shopping for next year for baby number 3 so super excited for an option that supports while nursing with no hands!          -Kristina H.

 What an inspirational woman! And her carrier is amazing!                                                                                                   -Alyssa W.

This is incredible!!! I can’t wait to see!!!                                                            -Caitlyn D.

This is amazing!                     -Edy L.

[My husband] has tight shoulders so he always needs help fastening the back, which I imagine is an issue for a lot of men especially, or any women with tight shoulders. He would love this front snap [on GoGoVie].                        -Tiffany W.

It's a great carrier. I made an unboxing video and a cradle lying one when I bought mine.                            -Debora R.

I have a wrap and ergo too...what I like about this carrier is that it seems to incorporate all the carriers in one, an all-in-one. And that little cushion across the chest looks like a built in teething pad.                                                                                                              -Tiffany W.

It does look cool and very versatile. I love that it was created by a woman of color.  -Angela G.

Go go go and get your Gogovie@WomansChoicePerinatalServices

So perfect!!! You've really thought of everything. It's a dream carrier! Congratulations!                                                                                                -Tiffany W.

I am so blessed to have met this woman, Angelique Warner, in 2014 when my first baby was little and her vision was just off the vision board.  She and I have remained in contact through the growth of my first born to the birth of my second and the growth of her product and business.  I am beyond excited to see how far she has come with this product. I have tried it and have nothing but great things to say about GoGoVie.  If you are looking for a versatile carrier that is easy to care for that is also from a female-owned business with a purpose, please check out this product.  Congratulations Gogovie and Angelique Warner.                                                                                                                                            -@reclaimvitality

Versatile! Great for traveling. You can put it on and adjust it yourself unlike some other baby carriers. I was also able to carry things in the front pocket which really makes this carrier completely hands-free.                                                         -Carmilya [Amazon Review]

I like the concept and the look of the product!                                               -CAL [Amazon Review]

Love my GoGoVie! My first carrier was a baby k’tan. It was easy to wear but I never felt like my baby was secure in it. As a result, I only wore around the house. Then a friend sent me the GoGoVie. After watching the YouTube instructions, I tried it on in the house. It was easy to put on and very easy to get my daughter in it. What I love most is the d-rings on the front that allow you to simply pull down on them to tighten the carrier. My baby is totally secure in the GoGoVie. The very next day, I took the carrier on the road. I carried my baby for 3 hours at an expo. She was comfortable, my hands were free and my back was totally supported. GoGoVie is a must have. I can’t wait to try the various carrying positions!! Thanks for helping this mom out!!!                                                           -Sherilyn C. [Amazon Review]

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