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Nurse 'N Go Becomes 'GoGoVie' as It Shifts Its Focus to a More Inclusive Babywearing Mar

Nurse 'N Go has rebranded and it's now going by the name of GoGoVie (GoGo means Active and Vie is French for Life or Lifestyle). The switch to GoGoVie also marks a shift in focus, as the startup plans to broaden its attention to a more inclusive clientele of babywearers.

According to Angelique Warner, Founder and President of GoGoVie, the change seems like an organic progression for the company.

I always started the business to design an ergonomic baby carrier which met the needs of those who are active, fashion-forward and on-the-go. More and more dads, grandparents, and other caregivers began expressing interest in my carrier but noted the gender & task specific branding. Nurse 'N Go speaks to one product feature [breastfeeding] but does not seem inclusive of the greater market yet to be embarked upon. I felt, as time went on, I needed a fresh start on the branding side with really exciting value proposition for all babywearers. GoGoVie speaks to my original brand message, not to just one feature.

There are several features that will prove particularly appealing to a broader market of babywearers. For one thing GoGoVie has a unisex design using classic black stretch denim fabric and a classic black and white patterned hexagon attached cover, which appeals to most wearers. Additionally, there is the ultimate comfort factor with the trademark VestBack which provides optimum shoulder and back support. There's also the ease of use component with convenient front adjusting straps. Finally, there is the element of fashion with the overall high end look and feel of the carrier.

GoGoVie continues to make breastfeeding within the carrier an effortless proposition and a key product feature. Easy front-adjustable PFAs [Perfect Fit Adjusters] make transitioning baby for feedings very user friendly; from carrying high, while visible and kissable, to lowering for breastfeeding, then back high and visible again after feeding is a cinch!

It's important to mention that Nurse 'N Go isn't going anywhere. With the rebranding, the platform created towards breastfeeding will live on as Nurse 'N Go. Stay tuned to learn more about how GoGoVie has evolved into an innovative new modular baby carrier!

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