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18 kids & nursing! Was I insane?!

Sounds ridiculously insane, huh? Well, that was my life! Oh, and did I say that I loved (nearly) every minute of it? I'll tell my story so this all makes sense....

My husband and I were married for a short 10 months when we decided to run a group home with 8 teenage boys. Shaping the lives of children on a day-to-day basis was our passion and living in with the boys was the only way to do what we loved on a grassroots level. So, professional parenting was the only way to go.

After 4 years of running our group home we had our first baby. He was our squishy little bundle of pride and joy, our little man. We loved him beyond words! I knew that breastfeeding my baby was the only way I could continue nurturing him from my own body with the best that I had to offer.

However, my dream to nurse was shattered when my sweet little baby didn't latch on properly. I experienced pain and he experienced frustration.

After 6 long excruciatingly painful weeks of trying to "get it right" I gave up because my baby was hungry, my nipples were sore, we were both sleep deprived. I didn't know what else to do but give him formula. I didn't have the support system that I needed and I wasn't educated about my options. My friends didn't relate to my struggles because their babies latched on well. I felt so empty and alone.

Let's fast forward two years to our move to a boarding school and the birth of our identical twin daughters. Now we ran a home with 14 boys, our son was then a healthy, happy toddler, and I was successfully breastfeeding the twins! Yep, I was double barreling it! Life was busy (with 17 kids), to say the least, but life was good.

Then came potty training.....Dun, Dun, Dun! I couldn't foresee changing three sets of diapers because believe it or not, I had another baby girl while the twins were still 1 year old! (Yes, we were up to 18 kids & nursing!) It was during an emergency potty training moment that I had the vision for Nurse 'N Go.

Nurse 'N Go found at

A vision for a carrier that would hold my baby at my breast with built-in privacy and both my hands were free! Wow, could it be? I couldn't find it in stores nor online so it was my task to invent it and make it available for mommies everywhere. Whew, I did it and here it is!

Until next time.....

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