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Active moms have a lot to do. Sitting for 30 minutes while baby is feeding, twins are potty training, a 4 year old is flipping around, and 14 others are doing 'God knows what', should not be one of them!  As an active mother of four, then ages four and younger, also with up to 14 other children living in our home; 5 years at a group home then 11 years at a boarding school, I've lived through the ultimate active lifestyle and created a Premium Baby Carrier. 


As a WIFE: 26 years happily married to Bryan E. Warner, 'The One God Hand-Picked Just for Me'.  I've been blessed with a super fabulous, loving, caring, uber supportive husband! (WOW, we've been married more than half my life!)  He caught the vision that was revealed to me and, although neither of us knew the depth of the process, he still decided to walk alongside me to see the promise fulfilled.  No better partner this side of Heaven to be with on this journey called life!

As a MOTHER: I am ever so humbled and thankful that God entrusted me with 4 precious lives!  4 young adults now; 22, 20, 20, 18.  PRAY for us!  No really, they're all Honors students (All 4 in college - 1 Senior at an HBCU | 2 Juniors and 1 Freshman at PBI's), responsible, athletic, kind and employed!  I'd wanted 4 children since I was 8 years old;  just because that particular even number made sense to me.  Crazy, right?!  We were married 4 years with no children then had 4 in 4 years!  I got just what I'd wanted! For 4 years my mother prayed for the birth order of our children; a boy first, identical twin girls in the middle and a girl last.  Go mom got just what she prayed for!  4 must be my lucky number, huh?... 

As an INVENTOR: I have created and continue to create purposeful products that help improve healthcare outcomes for babies through babywearing, bonding and breastfeeding and improve the overall quality of life of the user who can now stay active in comfort. I am the patented inventor of GoGoVie Premium Baby Carrier - The only patented 7-position hybrid sling & buckled baby carrier in the USA.

As an ENTREPRENEUR: I have *become the first Black female to create, manufacture and patent a baby carrier in the USA *pioneered an industry and disrupted the market by creating the only hybrid sling and soft structured buckled carrier in the USA *trail-blazed the market with the first carrier to offer 7 unique carrying positions; 5 of which offer a hands-free breastfeeding solution (a Nurse 'N Go feature) *branded and marketed my own products *sold on many major E-commerce sites *secured significant amounts of PR *manufactured Made in USA products

As a PUBLIC SPEAKER: I am sought after to speak on topics about entrepreneurship, inventing, life/work harmony, parenting and organization.
As a COACH: I work with entrepreneurs who WANT to be better entrepreneurs and grow stronger businesses. I motivate, educate and inspire entrepreneurs to be the best that they can be.

ACCOLADES: I am honored to *be a 2022 Women's History Month QVC Small Business Spotlight, *be a 2019 Chicago Innovation Awards Nominee *appear on ABC 7 Chicago news (Father’s Day 2019), *be voted 1 of 5 top rated 2018 best baby carrier awards finalists by What To Expect, *be the premiere Mothers of Invention video by What To Expect, *be voted the 2018 #1 Pick by the Chicago Baby Show, *be written up in online magazines such as What To Expect, Chicago Voyage & Simply Real Moms, *be interviewed by MomTV and *be blogged about by Becoming the Mrs. And Momtrends. 



Angelique Warner | FOUNDER



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