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GoGoVie is the only hybrid sling and buckled soft structured carrier (SSC) featuring reclined, semi-reclined, and upright positions; it's not as unstructured as a wrap or sling and not as rigid as a backpack. In fact, it's the perfect middle-of-the-road choice for those seeking comfort, safety, and quality.  Higher end pricing is a price worth paying when you consider the benefits - particularly the comfort factor!


GoGoVie is Patented & CPSIA tested & approved in both the Sling & SSC categories. Carry your way in this fashion-forward unisex design which appeals to parents and caregivers who seek a sturdy and safe multi-positional carrier while not compromising the ability to stay active in comfort. 


GoGoVie features 7 unique CompleteCarryTM Positions

(Swaddle - Cradle - Semi-cradle - Face In - Face Out - Hip - Back Carry) 


GoGoVie was created for proper breastfeeding positioning.  In fact, 5 of the 7 CompleteCarryTM positions offer a hands-free breastfeeding solution; what we call a Nurse ‘N GoR feature.  Mom can safely and comfortably lower the baby to the breast during feedings so she can stand & have her hands back.  Whether feeding or carrying, the Ergonomically designed VestBackTM provides optimum comfort with premium back & shoulder support to evenly distribute baby's weight.  Easy front adjustments make GoGoVie convenient for those new to babywearing and those with limited mobility.  As well, the carrier's Ergonomic design features two sets of leg supporters which allow proper positioning in a natural, supportive, & comfortable "M" squat seat position or in the Cradle or Semi-cradle positions as baby grows to 35 lbs. 


As an added feature and a sense of Classic style, the carrier is sold with an interchangeable black & white custom print matching cover & ChewMeTM strap set.  The cover is great for sun shade, wind cover, or optional privacy when breastfeeding.  It also detaches and doubles as a receiving blanket or changing pad.  The padded waterproof ChewMeTM strap snaps over the chest buckle to act as a pillow and moisture barrier from sweat or drool.  *Additional colorful custom prints offer customizable style and are sold separately.  

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